By employing and upskilling local people and sourcing as much as possible from local suppliers, we leave a lasting impact on the communities and local economies in which we operate. We aim to maintain a high ratio of local to international staff and to provide training and growth opportunities to our local and international staff alike.

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Employing women 

We are excited by the prospect of continued growth in existing markets and expansion into new ones, not least because it gives us an opportunity to improve on our gender ratio. As an equal opportunities employer with a female CEO and a female Chair, we proactively seek and hire female applicants. While we accept that we are unlikely to achieve gender parity, we have set an ambitious target to increase the number of women working for us.


Community engagement - ‘What we can. Where we are.’

In addition to creating opportunities for local people, we provide support to meet the needs of the communities where we work. Our approach is determined by local considerations and events, hence the nature of our support varies between locations.

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