Sustainability - a natural part of everything we do

For us, sustainability is not an add-on, but integral to our core business activities. We are continuously figuring out how to use natural resources more economically, to create lasting relationships with host communities, to increase the skills of the local labour force and help small businesses become more resilient. We want everyone to gain from RA’s presence including, of course, our customers.

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In 2018, we turned these long-held principles into a structured sustainability programme; one with a strong foundation that would hold for years to come. Our strategy is built around three focus areas: People & Skills Development, Labour Rights and Resource Management. These correlate closely with three Sustainable Development Goals in particular: SDG 4 - Quality Education, SDG 7 - Affordable & Clean Energy, and SDG 8 - Decent Work & Economic Growth.

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In 2019, we began measuring our baseline and started setting sustainability targets for the future. Target setting is a lengthy project, and one which will require frequent re-evaluation, monitoring and expansion as we repeatedly check in with our stakeholders over time.

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“To deliver immediate results and lasting change.”

This statement clearly expresses our long-held belief that a successful RA project is one which has an enduring positive effect on local communities, as well as delivering business results.

"Working in some of the world’s most difficult terrains is a huge challenge - but also a huge opportunity to create lasting impact."

Vera Karmebäck

Sustainability Manager

UN Global Compact:
From Signatory to Participant

RA International became a Signatory to the United Nations Global Compact in 2008. In 2018, we deepened our commitment to the Participant level. This means we take part in the UNGC’s meetings, workshops and online learning Academy Sessions. We are an especially active member of the UNGC Local Network Kenya, where our Sustainability Coordinator is based.

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