RA is the remote service provider with the broadest service offering on the market. We take barren land, build cities, and then service the city and people that live there. We make it possible for you and your staff to live comfortably in remote locations and to keep vehicles, plant, and equipment operational – leaving you free to focus on the job at hand.

How do we do it?

On-going research into infrastructure, supplier capability, regulatory requirements, supply routes and logistical capacity in current operational areas as well as potential areas.

Extensive supply chain management with an existing and proven network to manage deliverables with minimum lead-time.

A vast employment bank with highly skilled and experienced recruitment personnel and procedures in place.

Experience in mobilizing local labour and suppliers to support the local community.

Always geared up for rapid mobilization. For critical missions, we can have an advance team of experienced people in place on the ground in less than 72 hours, to lay the groundwork for smooth and efficient mobilization.


Ever wondered what working in Somalia might be like?

Martin Hollis, who has recently taken up the role of Deputy Country Manager at RA International Somalia, sheds light on the rewarding and exciting aspects of working within a culturally diverse company that puts its employees’ interests first.


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