Pest and Vector Control

Our innovative evidence-based Integrated Vector Management (IVM) strategies are designed to protect clients, staff, and neighboring communities through an area-wide approach. We always consider the most sustainable and least invasive techniques to minimise the impact on natural predators.

Targeted methods

Our methods include structural maintenance, sanitation and pest population monitoring, as well as mechanical and biological controls. Thanks to ongoing research and skills development, we are continuously honing our ability to identify and target pests – both actual and potential.

Where chemicals and pesticides are unavoidable, we use them sparingly and only if they are approved and recommended by the WHO Pesticide Evaluation Scheme (WHOPES). Moreover, our programs always comply with local and international protocols.

We adapt rapidly to natural environmental changes, with comprehensive analysis and reporting of quantifiable performance data that allow us to maintain the quality and efficacy of our services.
And since RA often operates in areas of economic deprivation where stray animals are a problem, we offer internationally approved trap/neuter/release methods to control their populations as humanely as possible.

RA’s Six steps to effective control
  1. We commit to thoroughly investigate and understand all factors influencing your site.
  2. We will comprehensively analyze the extent of your pest problem across a broad range of threats. Analyzing the pest problem
  3. We will implement short term corrective action based on immediate priorities.
  4. We will identify, plan and implement long-term prevention programs. Implementing long-term prevention programs
  5. We will initiate comprehensive reporting on which to base credible evaluation processes. Monitoring, documenting and evaluating
  6. We will provide ongoing feedback and constantly adapt and fine-tune our strategies.

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