Whether you need a construction project carried out for short, medium or long-term use, RA can be relied upon to do the job. Permanent, semi-permanent and temporary facilities are all included in our offer. We use skilled personnel from the design all the way through to the construction and apply international building standards to ensure the durability and quality of your camp and infrastructure.

Civil Construction

Do you need paved roads, gravel roads, road rehabilitation, temporary bridges, helipads/runway construction, drainage systems, horizontal engineering? RA International can supply all these.

General Construction

What are you looking for? Permanent and temporary structures – brick and mortar, prefabricated, tented, hard wall, soft wall, single-story, multi-story, containarized units – we offer them all.


A typical day at the office? You won’t find that at RA. Our work is full of challenges…and rewards. This short film from the Central African Republic gives you an idea of the work we do and how we approach it.