9th April 2021

Press Statement – An update on the Attack on Palma, Mozambique

RA International confirmed today that two of the six missing staff have been found alive and well. They are Bigai Nyika and Sergio Simao Mabunda, campsite workers. Four local staff are still unaccounted for.

The RA International team has been working tirelessly to find the missing persons. When the attack happened in Palma on 24 March, RA International activated its emergency procedures with the support of Broll Risk Management and Kenyon International Emergency Services. An immediate evacuation of over 150 people including staff and third parties was done from three different locations. Since then, the staff continued with their efforts and supported the authorities by gathering information from witnesses to find the unaccounted staff.

Soraya Narfeldt, Chief Executive Officer, RA International said “The news of two local staff being alive and well is such a welcome piece of information after two weeks since the attack. I am very grateful to our staff and the authorities for their tremendous help in searching for the missing persons. We sent a senior staff very quickly to Pemba to assist and support in the efforts.”

She added “It continues to be a challenging time for the staff and the families of the unaccounted staff. The safety and wellbeing of our staff is our utmost priority. We are extending full support to the families of the affected staff and working closely with the authorities as we continue our search for the unaccounted staff. “

RA International also provided some support to the affected community. The company recently donated 10,000 litres of diesel to the rescue effort for the boats that service some of the islands off the coast where people have sought refuge after the attack.

The family of the UK national is now aware that the body of a man matching Philip Mawer’s description has been found. The formal process of identification is still ongoing.

Further updates will be shared as they become available.