People & Skills Development

We recruit and develop local people to work on our projects whenever possible. It means local employees gain the skills and knowledge they need to do a good job while working with us, and their future employment opportunities are significantly improved.

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Staff training
Training is offered in a range of different formats – from structured educational progammes to informal on-the-job training. For example, we recently set about devising courses to raise the skills and knowledge of our laundry and kitchen staff. And in 2018, we held over 1,500 Health & Safety briefings for employees across our sites.

Supplier development
Local sourcing allows us to secure the supply of quality goods at an advantageous price. It also means our suppliers can grow their businesses based on the security of a long-term relationship with us. We look out for opportunities to support our suppliers’ development through micro-loans, business advice and training.

RA supported a local farmer to scale up her business from cottage industry to commercial production.

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Labour Rights

One of our most significant contributions is to provide stable employment to local unskilled or semi-skilled labourers (the low-income majority). This has a direct impact on the well- being of our employees’ families, and on the economy in general.

Rights and responsibilities
We believe everyone has the right to decent work in a safe and secure environment, and to benefit economically from their efforts – regardless of their religion, nationality, gender or sexual orientation.

New RA employees are informed of their rights and responsibilities during induction training, and their knowledge is reinforced during monthly HR policy briefings. We also hold workshops on specific topics, such as combatting human trafficking and sexual exploitation.

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International standards
RA offers employment within a framework of legal, health and safety provisions that aligns with international best practice. To contribute to the long-term wellbeing of our host communities, we also consistently support the Labour Rights initiatives of regional and national governments.

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Resource Management

Of our three focus areas, Resource Management is the one where we feel a concerted, company-wide effort can deliver the most immediate, tangible results. Initiatives launched in 2018 included the introduction of environmentally-friendly technologies in three of our smaller laundries, the installation of reverse osmosis (RO) units to provide drinking water in Mogadishu, and the decision to produce wraps (rolled, flat bread) locally rather than importing them.

Looking ahead
Further improvements in Resource Management will include installing solar panels to reduce the need for diesel generators and using modern AC systems that consume less energy.

Within construction, we are working on a new, holistic design philosophy that will ensure RA’s future camps align with our sustainability goals. This will make sustainability an integral part of everything we do - from our choice of materials, equipment and fittings to ‘end-of-life’ planning.

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