"What we can. Where we are."

In addition to the contribution we make to the SDGs through our core business activities, we also contribute to specific community engagement projects. We call it ‘what we can, where we are’.

Over the years, we have been involved in more than 30 community engagement projects

Here are a few stories that show how we do “What we can. Where we are.”

Helping an Olympic athlete be a role model to her community

Not many companies have an Olympic athlete on their staff, but RA does! We’re proud to have Elisabeth Mandaba as part of our team in the Central African Republic.

Official partner to Free As A Human

Since 2018, RA International has been an official partner to Free As A Human, an initi­ative by Kenyan fashion designer and social activist Anyango Mpinga to end the sexual exploitation of young girls, the use of child labour and all other forms of human enslavement.

Emergency food aid

RA has a strong presence across Somalia, where the African Union Mission to Somalia (AMISOM) is an important partner. When AMISOM put out a call for emergency relief in March 2018, we were among the first to respond.

Helping the children

In early 2017, our staff in Bangui, CAR, could not help noticing the run-down building full of children, which lay just a ten-minute drive from our office. They asked around and learnt that it was an orphanage run by Nuns and home to forty-five orphaned children.

WASH initiatives in Somalia

When our team in Somalia understood the severity of the humanitarian crisis caused by the persisting drought in Southern Somalia in May 2017, they wasted no time in offering support.