Commercial and post conflict organisations can expect to encounter a whole raft of problems as they struggle to reach remote destinations, establish their operations and keep them going.

Fortunately for our customers, RA International does enough groundwork before entering a new country or region to ensure they avoid the common pitfalls. Our local knowledge is backed up by years of experience, which means that if plan A fails, we always have a plan B to fall back on.

From the farthest outpost of the Sahara desert to the highest mountain crossing in Afghanistan we get you there, get your operation set up… and keep it ticking over smoothly. When the reality of remoteness strikes, you’ll be glad you chose RA International.

Here are a few examples from the field:


Waste management EU standard

We were asked to provide efficient, mechanised waste management facilities. The job began with initial survey works, and went on to include full design, ground stabilisation, civil construction, electromechanical works and 100m deep water sampling boreholes. We also installed shredders and incinerators and built a synthetic lined, irrigated ash landfill facility to EU specification.

Large peacekeeping facilities in remote locations

This project was to build large camps and facilities in 10 remote locations. It included all prefabricated structures for accommodation, administration, ablution and medical requirements, as well as the necessary infrastructure such as power generation and distribution, water distribution, wastewater drainage and septic tanks. The largest independent facility provided accommodation for 1,000 personnel.

Training camp on a challenging site

We built 110 high-occupancy brick/mortar barrack rooms in this turnkey horizontal and vertical construction project. A steeply sloping sea-facing site, challenging logistics, security threats and lack of availability of local materials and equipment were among the many challenges we successfully overcame. Local workers were drafted in as part of a capacity building program, with excellent results.

Life Support

Peacekeeping mission in comfort

We provide on-going life support services for 65 international personnel in a camp (also constructed by RA) with en-suite accommodation for all residents. There are fully catered dining facilities, recreation facilities, meeting and conference rooms, a clinic and wireless internet services. Frozen, fresh and dry food supplies are delivered to the site on time by sea and air.

Remote, self-sufficient mining camp

In this remote mining and exploration camp, RA provides life support and facilities maintenance services, with space for up to 20 residents. The contractor’s goal was to be fully self-sufficient, so we also built a contractor’s camp on site.

A well-stocked military base

We provided full life support services at a military facility over an extended period. Catering, cleaning, laundry, pest and vector control and facilities maintenance were all part of the contract. We also took responsibility for getting all frozen, fresh and dry food supplies delivered by road.


Forward operating bases

Full logistical and life support for a countrywide government-funded drug-eradication programme. The project moved around continually over a 3-year period, so our job was to transport people and equipment from site to site and to setup forward operating bases at each site. The logistical challenges on this project were significant since we could not use local service providers.

1,000-man camp project

In this instance, we were contracted by a client to deliver a full 1,000-man prefabricated camp by air to a military zone. This involved 50 air deliveries, using two chartered IL76 aircrafts. The whole delivery was completed in 5 days, with each aircraft carrying out 5 lifts per day. We also coordinated ground transport to make sure all goods were available for loading into the aircraft in the right sequence.

Expensive equipment deliveries to troubled location

An international communications operator asked us to coordinate delivery of communications equipment and material to a post crisis location. The equipment came from 6 international locations, and its arrival by air and sea had to coincide with the arrival of technicians and engineers on site. We facilitated customs clearance at sea and cooperated with military escorts to ensure safe deliveries.


Facilities maintenance

We were asked to provide maintenance services to a group of facilities, many of which had fallen into a state of disrepair. Our repair program brought the facilities up to an acceptable standard first. We then started delivering planned maintenance and unscheduled breakdown services. In addition, we managed all the spare parts and consumables needed for this operation.

Heavy plant and equipment operation and maintenance

This contract is for full operation and first line maintenance services on a large fleet of client owned heavy-duty plant and equipment. Stretching across multiple sites, the fleet includes heavy-duty trucks, cranes, forklifts, bulldozers, graders and front-end loaders. As usual, we managed all the spare parts and consumables needed for this operation.

Plant and equipment maintenance to 35 locations

We provide routine maintenance and unscheduled repair services for a large fleet of mechanical and electrical plant and equipment, across 35 remote locations. Equipment for power generation, water treatment and distribution, air conditioning and waste management fields are all included. The spare parts and consumables needed for this operation were also supplied by RA International.