Investor relations

RA International was conceived after its founders, Soraya and Lars Narfeldt, witnessed large organisations unable to provide a comprehensive range of services or manage and complete projects effectively when operating in remote locations, resulting in inefficiencies hindering the progress of peacekeeping, humanitarian and commercial projects. They identified a lack of companies that they believed could provide a comprehensive full service offering, and accordingly founded RA International in 2004 as a specialist provider of services in remote and demanding environments.

The Company is now recognised as a leading provider of remote construction and support services in Africa and the Middle East. It specialises in three service verticals: construction, integrated facilities management and supply chain logistics. It has a strong customer base, largely comprising UN agencies, western governments and global corporations. The Group provides comprehensive, flexible, mission critical support to its clients enabling them to focus on the delivery of their respective businesses and services. RA International’s focus on integrity and values alongside on-going investment in people, locations and operations has over time created a reliable and trusted brand within its sector.