Need to get into a country fast and contribute to or stabilize its reconstruction efforts? RA is here to help every step of the way. Let us plan, build and manage your camp, leaving you free to focus on the crucial business of peacekeeping and reconstruction.

After more than a decade of experience working with the UN and NGO community in conflict and post-conflict regions, we have become specialists at operating in these demanding environments. We know what it takes to get life back to normal as quickly as possible and alleviate the suffering of people on the ground.

We always aim to involve the local community, employing local people and service providers wherever possible. And we teach skills that will contribute to sustained employment once peace is restored … bringing hope of a better life to come.

At the start of a project, you may need a temporary base for your operations. We can provide a start-up camp that’s easy to expand as your numbers grow. We source and assemble your tents or prefab shelters, secure your fuel and food supplies and offer services like cleaning, catering and laundry.

As time goes on, you may need to hire more people and ramp up your efforts. This is where you’ll really benefit from our experience in post-conflict situations. We’re used to scaling-up camps, even in remote locations, and providing the infrastructure needed to ensure they run smoothly. While you see to the needs of the local people, we will work efficiently behind the scenes to expand your camp and put all the necessary services in place.

Once the camp is up and running at full capacity, we look after every aspect of its daily management. Our personnel, often aided by local subcontractors, do everything to make life easy for you. You only ever have one point of contact. Just channel all your needs – from catering services to cleaning, pest control, laundry and medical support - through your dedicated RA project manager.