Whatever your line of business, RA is here to support you. We ensure that you and your people have the comfortable living conditions and the services you need in order to focus on your core activities. And we can scale up the levels of manpower, equipment and accommodation as your project evolves.

Our commercial customers are primarily in the extractive industries - mining, oil and gas. Within mining, we also subcontract to other service providers. A second group of commercial customers includes e.g. Vodacom, KPMG and Mozal, for whom we provide catering services.

RA is ISO 9001, 14001 and 22000 certified, and our staff are trained to understand their responsibilities and to respect international quality standards.

“RA's staff have maintained an exceptionally high level of service to the full satisfaction of QMSD Mining Co Ltd, and can only be commended in the utmost terms.”

Frank P. Bierlein

Exploration Manager QMSD Mining Co Ltd

For exploration activities in the extractive industries, we can set up mobile camps that are easy to build, take down and relocate. We source and assemble living quarters (tents or prefab shelters), secure fuel and food supplies and offer services like cleaning, catering and laundry. Then, when you’re ready, we move on to the next place.

Numbers can rise up to several thousand, and of course the whole crew needs food, shelter, sanitation… and more. This is where our experience proves invaluable. The difficulties of building large-scale camps in remote locations lacking even the most basic infrastructure are familiar to us. We can help you expand efficiently and connect to all the necessary services. However challenging the situation may appear, we’ve probably faced tougher!

And we don’t just construct the buildings; we set up everything else around them too. That means preparing the ground, building the access roads, providing power, water treatment and waste management and putting up your perimeter fencing.

Once you’re fully up and running, we ensure your employees get the high level of comfort needed to ensure their productivity. We can trim the camp down in size, upgrade your facilities and organize regular life support services to meet the needs of a more permanent workforce – for example, catering, cleaning, pest control, laundry and medical support.

We do everything to make life easy for you. You will only ever have to discuss these things with one dedicated project manager, since we take full responsibility for coordinating our own staff and any local subcontractors