Stories from the field

This section contains a collection of stories from employees in the field. We hope it gives you an idea of what we do and how we do it.

Safe return of refugees in troubled territory

When the United Nations asked us to build accommodation for a peacekeeping force in Tine, near Darfur, Sudan, it looked like an impossible mission.

When speed is of the essence

We were asked to set up a full-service catering operation in the remote borderlands of Uganda, in a week. Thanks to good preparation, we managed it.

Why research is so important

It’s a little-known fact that it sometimes rains in the Sahara. And when it rains, there are flash floods. You can actually be swept off the road by a wave, which seems to come from nowhere.

Solving problems with quick thinking and contingency plans

When one of our customers ordered eco-vehicles, they didn’t realize there would be snow on the ground at their destination, or that the engines weren’t built for cold climates.

Trap, Neuter and Release (TNR) success

After an unsuccessful attempt to control the cat and dog populations in the Mogadishu International Airport area in 2015, we proposed a new approach to our client UNSOS: The humane Trap, Neuter and Release (TNR) program whereby the animal population would be curtailed by preventing breeding.

Where there’s a will….

Rather than leave trucks, bulldozer, rollers and pavers behind in war-torn South Sudan in 2016, we decided to move our equipment out of the country. The journey took us through Uganda, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and the Central African Republic (CAR).

Last mile logistics. First-class planning

Part of the poppy eradication programme in Afghanistan involved us moving 180 trucks and more than 500 people across Taliban and Al Qaeda regions. It required a team that knew what it was doing…and was prepared for the worst.

When sh*t happens, local knowledge comes in handy

In 2005, the Canadian military unit in Kabul installed the latest in wastewater treatment plants from Canada in their camp. What could possibly go wrong?

First in recycling in Afghanistan

In 2005, we set up the first-ever recycling plant in Afghanistan as part of our waste management contract with the NATO headquarters.

When prevention is the cure

In Chad, we provided janitorial services (including cleaning, laundry and waste treatment) in 22 locations across an area of 1.3 million km2.

Making a small town work

We manage the support of critical plant and equipment for more than 1 million m2 of African Union and UN buildings in Somalia that provide facilities for 12,000 people – in effect, a small town.

Holding the fort in unstable times

We have maintained a continuous presence through unstable times in South Sudan. Since 2004, we have been committed to ensuring that our products and operations are maintained at the highest levels. 

Pest control with a human touch

Pests are often the last thing people think about, but pest control is a big factor in our integrated facilities management offering.

Overcoming obstacles to deliver on time

One of our biggest projects was in the Central African Republic where we built 200 offices and barracks in 11 locations for UN peacekeepers. As the rainy season approached, we faced a raft of issues that could easily have put us behind schedule.

Waste management and recycling services. What goes around comes around!

No one wants to leave a mess behind. But what do you do, for example, with a two-tonne tyre that’s had its day? Well, in places where there’s no local authority to handle waste, we shred it to make it more readily disposable.

Recreating home comforts in remote locations

Army life can be tough, but decent living standards help maintain morale, especially when soldiers are serving far from home. When we were asked to design and build a turnkey military training camp in East Africa, the need for comfort was top of mind.