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Meet The Female Entrepreneur Who Builds Camps In Africa's Extreme Locations

Read how our CEO founded RA International in the toughest of environments.

How We Made It in Africa
Businesswoman builds company that thrives in Africa’s tough and remote areas

RA International thrives in Africa's remote areas - here's how Soraya Narfeldt made it work.

African Mining Brief
Turnkey remote site convenience

Our CEO Soraya Narfeldt tells African Mining Brief all about the turnkey solutions we offer.

African Business
From peace-keeping to mining, diligence is key to providing services in remote areas

Our CEO Soraya Narfeldt explains why detail and diligence is so crucial in remote locations.

Mining Weekly
Services provider targets sub-Sahara

We're expanding, taking our offering to the sub-Saharan Africa mining industry.


Ventures Africa
Private public sector collaboration can safeguard health in Africa’s remote mining regions

Discover how sector collaboration can help safeguard health of African communities.

How to invest responsibly in Africa’s human capital

Why investing in the local workforce makes business, as well as human, sense.

Mining Review
A road map for a sustainable African mining industry

Environmental accountability, social responsibility and commercial success. All three are possible – industry doesn't have to choose.

World Economic Forum
Why bribery in Africa can no longer be tolerated

A zero tolerance approach to bribery and corruption benefits everyone in the long run.

CEOs and top leaders reveal their New Year’s resolutions

RA International's Soraya Narfeldt is one of the top leaser who reveals their 2018 resolutions.

Business Day
Illegal diggings a threat to AU mineral-wealth vision

How illegal mining threatens to damage the long-term wealth of Africa, unless government and stakeholders deal with it.

LinkedIn Blogs

Strategies for identifying and nurturing talent across the African region

Sourcing and retaining talent in developing markets can be tough. Mariam Maalouf, Talent Acquisition Manager at RA International, offers some useful tips.

Good intentions are no longer enough

According to our Sustainability Coordinator Vera Karmeback, being sustainable and purpose-driven is a business strategy in itself. 

Private public-sector collaboration can safeguard health in Africa’s remote mining regions

A healthy workforce is crucial for a successful business. Learn how collaboration between the public and private sector can help everyone flourish.

Creating sustainable communities through local job creation

Our COO Lars Narfeldt sheds light on why it's so important that companies go the extra mile to create opportunities, especially in remote and challenging locations.


Gulf News
Weaving profits out of the world's trouble spots

Soraya Narfeldt explains how RA International has been able to succeed in the toughest of locations.

Arabian Business
100 Most Powerful Arabian Women

Our CEO Soraya Narfeldt was deemed the 56th most powerful woman in this list from Arabian Business in 2011.