Need specialist expertise to support your operations in post conflict reconstruction, mining or oil & gas? RA has a strong reputation for ‘delivering regardless’ in all these segments.


Setting up a mining operation in a remote location? RA supports you all the way from initial exploration to full production, up-scaling the levels of manpower, equipment and accommodation as your project evolves.

If you’re a ten-man team exploring potential sites, we’ll keep you comfortable. If you’re your staff swells 100s or even 1000s, we’ll do the same.

Every step of the way, RA ensures that you and your people have the living conditions you need to focus on your core activities.

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Oil & Gas

PICTURE THIS: You aim to start drilling in South Sudan but you’re worried about the dust storms, which are notoriously destructive in that region. How will you prevent valuable equipment grinding to a halt?

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PICTURE THIS: The conflict may have subsided, but everywhere you look, you see the havoc it has wreaked.  Where do you start to clean up and restore everyday life for the local people?

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